Master Of Puppets Documentary

Media: 1 DVD

Filming type: Audience

 Running time: 60 Minute

Audio quality: A

Video quality: A

Chapters: Yes

Menus: Yes

Number of camera angles: 1

Number of audio selections: 1


Master of Puppets is arguably Metallica’s best album. Focusing on the concept of power and its abuses, this is a collection of complex, intelligent music, played with all the subtlety of an avalanche. Experience Metallica at their most awe inspiring… Full Description With searching interviews with band insiders and a swathe of immaculately researched archive and performance footage, Master of Puppets is here analysed in the depth it demands.

The last album to be recorded with the sadly departed Bassist, Cliff Burton, their third studio offering is still viewed by many critics and fans alike as their creative peak.

Metallica put thrash metal on the map with the aggression and exuberance of their epic album MASTERS OF PUPPETS.
This unauthorized documentary offers a critical review of the 1986 masterpiece through rare live-performance clips and interviews with leading rock critics and journalists.

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